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"Fighting Corruption is the key to Building Ethical Organizations"

Jaipur :
A Leader is the one who is a guiding light not just for the ones who follow him, but he is the one who marks an example for those who follow his footsteps to bring in a positive change. To commemorate M L Mehta's memory, former Chief Secretary to the Rajasthan Government and noted humanitarian, the M L Mehta Memorial Foundation (MLMMF) and HCM, RIPA, Jaipur, shall organize the 6th M L Mehta Memorial Oration here today. Post COVID-19, the event shall be organized through a virtual platform. V. Srinivas, Additional Secretary in Central Government and Director General, National Centre for Good Governance will deliver a lecture on "Good Governance Practices."

Speaking on the event which will be organized in Jaipur, Dr. Rashmi Jain, Managing Trustee, MLMMF, "Late Shri M L Mehta will always be remembered for his Legacy on Good Governance. He was a man who was always filled with compassion, whose heart bled for those who were in need and always extended his support to offer the best for them. His ability to overcome challenges at all levels with compassion was the key to his belief that everything is possible. He always believed that Interaction, Intervention and Supervision and the ability to be connected are the key for Good Governance Practices."

Dr. Rashmi Jain said, "Late Shri M L Mehta proved to be an administrative innovator par excellence with the ability to engage civil society actors despite the differences. He will always be remembered for his generosity and sensitive nature towards the marginalized and enhancing state capacity was his efforts for the revival and resurgence of the HCMRIPA as one of India's pre-eminent training institutions."

V. Srinivas, Add. Secretary, Govt. of India & Director-General, National Centre of Good Governance, said, "It was always a very positive experience to serve under M L Mehta because of the tremendous confidence, stability of tenures imparted to an official. Further one could be certain that the Chief Secretary would back the efforts for fighting corruption and building ethical organizations."

"There was support for transparent and accountable systems of governance. Officers who have represented meritocracy displayed abiding commitment to hard work and were innovators were encouraged. In many ways, the 1994-97 years were the golden years for the Civil Service of Rajasthan. He further said, a Constitution may indicate the direction in which we are to move, but the social structure will decide how far we can move and at what pace. M L Mehta was a trendsetter for good governance initiatives in Rajasthan."

The Oration will be the perfect occasion to commemorate the deep appreciation and gratefulness to Rajasthan's longest-serving Chief Secretary in the last 30 years. Shri. M.L.Mehta lived by the dictum "I am ethical, I am accountable, I am the IAS," and believed that the IAS competency remains anchored in the foundational and non-negotiable values of integrity and credibility. 

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