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‘When you reach a height enjoy the space and keep floating to maintain the balance in life’

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JAIPUR : Life is simple, and we should not complicate it with many variables and options. Planning is crucial but we should not over plan and calculate on plus and minus of life. Start with a pace and enjoy the journey of life. We should think of life as a marathon race. We should not try to complete it fast rather go at your own pace, and once you reach a certain height, enjoy and keep floating with balance. That should be the mantra of life.

This was stated by Prof. Gaurav Vallabh, author and Congress spokesperson, who was speaking at the Youth Conference 2020 ‘The Reverie Rhapsody’ at IIHMR University on 15 January 2020.

Prof. Vallabh went on to say that don’t worry about how society reacts; do what you love doing. Keep things simple and listen to your basic instincts because that is what will lead you to the right direction and will do justice in life. He also urged the students to not be afraid in taking big decisions in life. These decisions will bring them more happiness.

On the occasion, Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University, said that when you live in pure intention, magic begin to happen in your life. Everyone has a divine light within you. One should love yourself the way you are. Real power lies with the youth who can create a bright future. Your belief in yourself is what you are.

Swami Shantatmananda, Senior Monk, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi Center, spoke on the ‘Intuitive Wisdom and Transformational Leadership’. He said that everyone should put a premium on time as it is extremely valuable. For a country to be uplifted, it must be educated first. Wisdom is a combination of knowledge and experience and intuition is the ability to understand reality without analysing it logically.

Tenzin Kelsang, an activist and co-founder of Drokmo, spoke on ‘Educate, enable and empower.’ Kelsang is a feminist working on gender issues. she said that an educated person can solve many problems. She highlighted on how a youth can transform their life by helping each other, because all of us are made with contribution of many people, so we need to contribute in making others as well.

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