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Lotus Dairy to promote Public Health by Offering Fortified Milk in Rajasthan

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Jaipur : Lotus Dairy announces fortifying its milk with vitamin A and D without any change inprices.Fortification adds essential micronutrients to milk. Micro-nutrient malnutrition is common in all ages and socio-economic groups. Deficiency of micro-nutrients in food results in poor physical and mental health. 

Vitamin A and D play an important role in physical and mental development where vitamin A helps in developing good immune and also helps heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs work properly. Vitamin D on the other hand helps in absorption of calcium keeping teeth, bones and muscles healthy.

Fortifying milk is the easiest way as it is part of everyday diet of all income groups in India.  Keeping this in mind, Lotus Dairy has started fortifying its milk to add necessary micronutrients in it. Lotus Dairy focuses highly towards improving public health in India, with many people suffering from micronutrient deficiency.

Currently 58.4% of children (6-59 months) in India are anemic, whereas 60.3% children in Rajasthan were found to be suffering from anemia. 53% of Indian women (15-49 years) were found to be anemic, whereas in Rajasthan, 46.8% women are anemic. Out of Indian men (15-49 years), 22.7% are suffering from anemia, and in Rajasthan, 17.2% are anemic according to National Family Health Survey 4.

Anuj Modi, Director, Lotus Dairy, said, "Malnutrition is affecting a big chunk of population all over the world. People of all ages, mostly from the low socio-economic strata suffer from the issue, and the biggest reason behind this is the lack of nutrients they get in their food and the lack of food available for them.Focusing on public health, Lotus Dairy will now be providing fortified milk."

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