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BSDU focuses on Skill Development of Bihar’s Youth

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Jaipur : Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) today organized a conference in Patna to discuss about the lack of employability in Bihar and how skill-based education can be a viable solution to this issue. At the conference, the university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Surjit Singh Pabla spoke about how skill-based courses can help youth in getting trained in various skills and find suitable career options. 

The purpose of this conference was to address the persistent challenges faced by Bihar on employment and skilling issues, BSDU, Jaipur initiated a discussion on how educating and training youth in appropriate skill sets can help deal with it. Bihar boasts of large talent pool that needs direction in terms of career orientation and skilling that would consistently improvise the rising challenge of unemployment in the state and improve the job scenario. 

Pabla said at the conference, "Trained staff is the desire of each and every organisation. Today’s world is revolving around some professional career options which are functional in nature than relevant, like Management, Administrative, Accounting, Technical etc. In such functional areas, practical training is never predefined. We at BSDU have created training modules that enable the students to go through all machine learning and function learning".

He further added that, "Skill degrees like B.Voc and M.Voc are the degrees of the future since these will lead to every graduate having strong skill knowledge and experience in the skill areas chosen by them in addition to general education content. Their employability will be much wider leading to much lower unemployment rate in the Country".

"We would like to help the state government by providing the best advisory and support with our ‘Swiss-dual-education-system’ to eradicate skill gap prevailing today. BSDU has unique semester system that facilitates machine learning skills through the state-of-the-art facilities in the University and internship at partnering placement companies. We have recently extended support to the Government of Jharkhand and Government of Rajasthan too." Pabla said.

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