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The big 'truth' of Pakistan, saying 'more then 200 terrorists were killed in Balakot Air Strike' !

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New Delhi : The biggest evidence of the air strikes in Pakistan against the terrorists by the Indian Air Force, has been revealed. After the Air Strike of Indian Air Force, Pakistan was consistently denying that news od any loss of life there, but now a social worker who lives in Gilgit of Pakistan, has confirmed the death toll by issuing a video.

In fact, according to the video released by the social worker, the dead bodies of the terrorists has been shifted to khyber pakhtunkhwa's tribal area from Balakot. While, the news of killing the terrorists and their body was also published in Urdu newspapers.

Social worker Senge Hasnan Sering has claimed that 200 terrorists have been killed in the air strikes. It also says that the Pakistani army also believes that 200 terrorists have been killed.

In this video Pakistani military officials are saying that Mujahid fight for us. Allah gives the opportunity to those mujahidas and they are closer with him and also they receive special favors & sustenance from Allah. The Pakistani Army is with the Mujahid families.

However, some people are saying fake to this video, as the lipsing of military person is going out and also some because of the noise of children.

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