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Officials confirm that four building of Jaise camp destroyed in Balakot air strike

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New Delhi : According to the IAF in its air strike against the Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp at Balakot on Monday-Tuesday night has hit the four buildings that it had targeted inside the campus of Madrasa Taleem-ul-Quran.

The an official saying, “Why did the Pakistan Army seal the madrasa after the strike? Why did it not allow journalists to visit the madrasa? We have evidence in the form of SAR imagery to show that a building used as a guest house, where brother of Maulana Masood Azhar used to stay; an L-shaped building where trainers used to stay; a double-storied building used to house students entering the seminary and another building where those undergoing final combat training used to stay, were hit by the bombs.”
The , “It is for the political leadership to decide if it wants to release that imagery and make public what is a ‘classified’ capability. The SAR images are not as clear as satellite pictures and we couldn’t get a good satellite picture on Tuesday because of heavy clouds. That would have settled the debate.”
The official , “The madrasa was selected carefully as it was in the middle of nowhere and there was little chance of any civilian casualties. Intelligence given to the IAF was accurate and timely.”
The buildings run by terrorist outfit J-e-M were targeted by the IAF’s Israeli bombs- SPICE 2000 PGM. The an army official explaining that is a highly accurate, jammer-proof bomb which works precisely even under heavy cloud cover. The , “It first penetrates through the roof, then enters the building and explodes after a delay. It is meant to hit the command and control centers and does not destroy the building. The software has to be programmed with the type of roof – its thickness, material of construction etc. – and that, accordingly, sets the delay period for the PGM.”
The that targeted buildings had roofs made of corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets and the SAR imagery shows that on the first day, these roofs had gone missing. After two days, these CGI roofs were repaired which made it difficult to assess the full damage by technical intelligence. , “The whole place has been sealed off by Pakistan Army. We have not been able to get any reliable intelligence inputs and any figures of terrorists killed in the airstrike is purely speculative.”
Pakistan’s propaganda machinery circulated few photos where they claimed that only trees got massacred in the air strike conducted by IAF. Pakistan has taken a team of journalists to see some craters, and splintered trees at Jaba hilltop.
However, the military official said that none of the IAF bombs hit the hilltop Jaba. said that “if only S-2000 PGM were fired, there is no possibility of craters or sheared trees. The PGM would go inside the earth and then explode, which would create a mound of earth instead.”
Pakistan is trying its level best to cover up the damage to save its reputation at global level and also among its populace. However, its lies are getting refuted quickly one after another.

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