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VIDEO : IndiaFirst launches Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan with Life cover

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Jaipur : IndiaFirst Life Insurance, promoted by Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank, launched the Guaranteed Monthly Income plan today in Jaipur. This plan has been launched by deputy CEO of IndiaFirst Life Rushabh Gandhi. he said that the plan designed to enhance savings, offering a combination of income and financial protection to customers.

Rushabh Gandhi said that, “Our aspirations are often hinged on our financial health. With assured monthly income, we have the flexibility to pursue our dreams and goals. Considering this, IndiaFirst Life has introduced a Guaranteed Monthly Income plan for its customers offering protection to their families with a life cover, while sustaining lifestyle during their lifetime through a definite monthly income.” 

IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Monthly Income plan allows a customer to choose when he wants to start receiving monthly payouts, after making the necessary premium payments. There is a life cover through the term of the policy, whether the customer is paying premiums, availing the unique gap years or receiving payouts. Further, there is the advantage of annual bonus announced that is payable at maturity. 

“This plan will help customers meet multiple needs as it provides them with a safety net of guaranteed returns with an upside.” added Rushabh.

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