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Nitiraj launches mix note value counting machine, counts 100 notes in 6 seconds

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Mumbai : Nitiraj Engineers ltd, leading manufacturer of electronic & mechanical weighing scale machines has launched mix note value counting machine under its product portfolio. The main objective of this machine is to count mix currencies, to show the value and to detect fake note. 

The mix notes value counting specially designed for Indian currency notes. It shows the value and denomination wise total counted pieces. The machine has features like SORT function which helps to sort desire single denomination from the bunch of mixed denomination notes.

These machines are high in speed and can count 100 notes in less than 6 seconds with accuracy. The Mix note machine has features like DETECT function, COUNT function, BATCH & ADD functions, double note and width detection which helps to secure the currency transactions.

Rajesh Bhatwal Managing Director – Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. said that, “With our strong research and development team we always try to develop innovative products. With this product, we are confident that our revenues will grow during the current year. Our products are very well accepted among the banks and the state transport depots and the utility providers. Our dealers are actively in talks with the leading banks and government and non- government bodies where the cash collection takes place.”  

Nitiraj currently manufactures electronic weighing machines and systems, currency counting machines and digital fare meters. The user industries for its products spread across sectors like jewellery, Banks, NBFCs, Kirana Stores, commercial establishments, healthcare centres, hospitals, Governments of States and Central Government, transportation.

The company has 13 branch offices spread across India with 430 dealers selling its range of products. The company has state of the art manufacturing plant at Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh.

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