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Shael Oswal making new Romantic flavour Punjabi single ‘Arzii’

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Jaipur : Shael Oswal, who is India’s beloved pop-singer, is all set to soothe young hearts. The evergreen ‘Soniye Heeriye’ singer is making a new Punjabi single ‘Arzii’. Taking his passion to the next level, Shael has come up with a euphonious Punjabi melody which will melt your hearts.

Making a comeback with a remarkable Punjabi melody for all the music fanatics, Shael is eager to express his feelings for the beloved one.  The song is composed by the vivid composer Vidyut Goswami and lyrics are confined by Ravi Basnet. 

Shael’s millions of fans are always curious for the musical and romantic treat which would take the music lovers to wander in dreams, and ‘Arzii’ is no exception. This magical song is shot in the eternal beauty of Jaipur, Rajasthan.  The production team has chosen a picturesque Pink city  that gave a good vibe and blend to the song.

In this music video, the singer lyrically wishes her beloved one to listen to his heart, his feelings which he has never shared with her. It is a heart touching song calling loved one back in his life with very gentle music that will surely appeal to all the romantics out there and Shael is pretty sure it will be played on loop at all times.

“We had an amazing shooting experience and the video is live YouTube now. This is a soft romantic number which will set your emotions flowing. It is a Punjabi song having a love story of a couple shot in the scenic beauty of Rajasthan."

He also added, "The location that we have decided to shoot will be a visual treat for my fans and I think this song is a masterpiece from my team that will last in your mind for a longer time. As I had an amazing childhood experience of about 8 years in Ajmer, I had a thought of reliving the memories in Rajasthan with a romantic song” gladly quoted Shael.

He also mentioned about his long lasting taste for love songs has glued him to make such numbers. Shael, who has taken inspirations from R. D. Burman, Kishor Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Naadiya Hasan and many such music legends, believes in giving out soothing melodies each time.

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