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ASIS appoints Partners in Jaipur to assist Indian students

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Jaipur : The British-based education services company, Anglo school International Services (ASIS), has appointed partners in Jaipur to help Indian students with the consultation to study in top British boarding Schools and Irish Universities.

These recently appointed Partners, strategically located across the city are locally available for the parents and students to extract information and guidance for studying in top 16 schools of UK with scholarships up to Rs 9 crore. The agents are namely Insight Educare Consultancy and Spencer Education Pvt Ltd

ASIS works on attracting children aged beyond 11 years to be educated in Britain so that they can progress to Universities in Britain, Ireland or the United States far more easily and certainly. The Federation schools are providing significant financial assistance in the form of Scholarships by conducting a BUSSAT entrance test across India to select the successful candidates.

The aim of the Federation is to offer senior school places to those students who want a better guarantee of entry into university at the end of their senior school studies.

David Boddy, Principal Partner, said, "We are both delighted and honored to be represented in this important part of India by partners of such very high quality. We are working hard to ensure a strong partnership which will benefit the parents and the children who are wanting a world class education in the UK."

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