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Watch : WWE Legendary Wrestler The Undertaker Retires at WrestleMania 33

Orlando : One of the most legendary stars in professional wrestling history appeared to close the curtain on his in-ring career after The Undertaker dropped his gloves, hat and trenchcoat in the center of the ring Sunday night at WrestleMania 33.

THE Undertaker retired at WrestleMania 33 this week, leaving not a dry eye in the house at the showpiece event in Orlando. Dropping his famous gloves, hat and long coat in the centre of the ring, the wrestling legend called it a day after losing in the main event to Roman Reigns.

WWE seemingly undercut the moment somewhat by having it come at the end of a seven-hour show. Fans in Orlando, Florida, were burnt out by the time the main event rolled around so they didn't react to a lot of what was happening in the ring.

Much like your favorite television show that lasted a season or two longer than it needed to, some might argue The Undertaker would've had a more momentous exit if he had left WWE a few years earlier. On Sunday night, he looked every bit like a wrestler who had been competing in the ring for over 30 years.

With that said, nothing will take away from The Undertaker's legacy. He's a seven-time world champion who carried the banner for WWE for almost the entirety of his career.

Making his debut for World Class Championship Wrestling under the name Texas Red, he eventually joined the WWF in 1989, debuting in 1990 under the name “Kane the Undertaker”.

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