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When Anchor Supreet Kaur Read Her Husband Death News

New Delhi : A news reader of a private regional TV channel faced the most difficult time of her life when she had to read a news about an accident which killed her husband.

Supreet Kaur, a news anchor at Chhatisgarh-based IBC 24, has been in the news for maintaining her composure on air despite learning of her husband’s death while reading the 10 am bulletin. Kaur, 28, married her husband Harshad Kawade last year. She has been working with the channel for nine years.

Supreet Kaur did not know that news when she came on duty. It was just a routine day for her when she walked into the studio on Saturday morning.

TV channel IBC 24's senior editorial staff confirmed that she came to know about the accident involving an SUV at Pithora in Mahasamund district on Saturday morning. When the news anchor was connected with channel's reporter for live phone-in, she realized that her husband Harsad Kawade was among the passengers of the ill-fated vehicle.

However, she kept her composure and did her job of reading about the death of her husband and two others in the road accident.

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