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An MTC Bus And A Car Fell Into A huge Sinkhole In Chennai

Chennai : A sink-hole that suddenly appeared on Anna Salai road on Sunday afternoon devoured an MTC bus and a car when the road suddenly caved in at around 2:03 pm. The sink hole was 0-5 meters wide, 0-10 meters long and had a depth of 0-2 meter.

An MTC bus and a car fell into a huge crater formed after a portion of Mount Road also known as Anna Salai Road caved in Chennai earlier on Sunday, risking the lives of nearly 35 passengers onboard, reports said.

"The road suddenly developed a hole and the bus fell into it. A luxury car also fell inside," the report said. Sources told the news website that the hole developed following Chennai Metro Rail works.

he basic cause of Sunday's incident, according to the CMRL is due to existing loose soil pockets along the tunnelling alignment where the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is operating. CMRL has a strict instrumentation and monitoring of settlement/deflection due to the ongoing tunnelling work.

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