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Seminar under 'Going Green Porject' for Create Green Production to Handmade Garments Industry

Jaipur, hand-print printing, Indian Textile Industry, Artistic Work, Traditional Heritage, Textile Business, Going Green Project, Rajiv Swaroop, MSME Industry, Rajasthan GovernmentJaipur : Everyone is aware of the importance of hand print printing in the Indian textile industry. This artistic work of hand printing is a traditional heritage and the world-class textile business, has a very large share in the world. Along with it, this business provides employment to a large number of people. In spite of all this, there are many problems faced by the businessman, organisation or workers in pursuing this business today, to discuss and discuss their solutions, on Thursday, a seminar under 'Going Green' project held in Jaipur. In this seminar, Rajiv Swaroop, Additional Chief Secretary of MSME Industry, in the Rajasthan Government was present as the Chief Guest.

In this seminar organized in collaboration with the European Union and Health and Social Development Research Center, Jaipur, many organizations and people associated with Handmade Garments business were participating from the state, which included a large number of women. In this seminar, discusses the problems faced by the Handmade Garments business in detail and efforts were made to find solutions.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary, Rajiv Swaroop said that it has become necessary to discuss today that to make Handmade Garments Industry environment friendly and eco-friendly through Going Green. Also, you should be updated with art and technique, so that you can create a Handmade Garments product with new designs. He said that the Handmade Garments industry of Rajasthan also has special identities with the country as well as abroad, which should be further extended. Also, it should be noted that in the textile industry, the dyes used for hand-print printing in Handmade Garments Industry should not be used in those chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

Kalpana Gupta, Zonal Manager of Punjab National Bank, said that for the work of handicraft business today many schemes are being run by the government and loan is also being given on behalf of banks, but it is necessary to take loan Have an account with your bank and KYC should be updated with them. Also, complete information about your business should be documented. She said that the work to be done with strong will definitely reach the destination.

Madhura Dutta, Executive Director of AIACA, said that today the demand for Handmade Garments products in the market is increasing day by day and every day new designs and techniques have started coming up, which should be considered for you. The work of hand-print printing in Handmade Garments is a hard work and art work, which is becoming the demand of time to be rescued at the present time.

Mridula Chandra from Health and Social Development Research Center Jaipur, said that there has been a lot of problems starting today in Handmade Garments business that has its special identity in the world, due to which the business is facing great difficulty. The crisis on this business has also started to appear. In such a way, efforts should be made to make this business environment friendly by participating in a significant partnership in the Indian textile industry. At the same time, this sector should be get financial support from the government to save this traditional business today, simultaneously also in some policies, because without support of the government, this business can not reach its destination.

In the discussions with the various organizations and craftsman in the seminar, through the panel discussion among the officers and officials of different departments related to different areas, in which questions regarding the removal of problems of forward handicraft business applained.

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