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EuroKids launches EuroVarsity to skill teachers inPre-School education

EuroKids International
New Delhi (Anand Prakash) : In a bid to set gold standards for Pre-School teacher training, EuroKids International, India’s NextGen Pre-schools, announced the launch of EuroVarsity, an online skill development platform. As part of its Skill Development initiative, EuroVarsity will conduct online courses and the first course to be launched on this platform is a program focused on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCEd).

This nine-month program in Early Childhood Care and Education (E.C.C.Ed) is the first of its kind online course, which will equip learners with the right skill set to educate children up to the age of five years.

The course offers complete training through online medium, which includes video, audio tutorials, simulations and the VAK (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic) training methodology. In addition to theory, the course offers practical assignments as well as a four-week internship providing hands-on training to those undertaking the program.

Prajodh Rajan, Co-founder & CEO, EuroKids International said, “It is now scientifically proven that maximum brain development of a child takes place from birth to five years. There is a pressing need in India to skill young aspiring early childhood educators with the latest practices in the care, welfare and education of children."

"EuroKids when it commenced in 2001 led the way in establishing new and high quality benchmarks for educating Pre-School children and now with EuroVarsity, it is our endeavour to equip aspiring educators with the latest knowledge and skills required to work with young ones,” he added.

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