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Cast,Crew and Synopsis of Marathi film Barad releasing on 10th June

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Film Name - BARAD
Release Date- 10 June 2016
Production House- Image SRK Productions
Producer- Devendra Kapadnis
Co-Producer-  Kumar Gandhi
Presenter- Atharva Movies

Director- Tanaji Mahadeo Ghadge
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues- Deven Kapadnis

Actors- Bharat Ganeshpure, Suhas Palshikar, Rajan Patil, Nandkishor Choughule, Sanjay Kulkarni, Dhananjay Jamdar, Rohit Chavan, Ajay Tapkire, Vasu Patil, Srikant Badve, Shahaji Kale, Geeta Shinde, Kamal Thoke, Namrata Kudalkar, Sharvari Joshi

Executive Producer- Shankar Dhuri
Line Producer- Pankaj Kothawade
Art Director- Vasu Patil
Music- Rohan Rohan, Sandip Wadekar
Singers- Rohan Pradhan, Bharat Ganeshpure, Piyush Ambhore
Lyrics- Dr. Mithila Kapadnis
Cinematography- Surendra Singh Paraswan & Kamal Chaupal
Editor- Pankaj Sapkale
Background Music- Prakash Nar
Sound Design- Abhijeet Shriram Deo
PR- Himanshu Jhunjhunwala, Rajeev Ketkar, Kartiki Yadav
Distribution Partner- Ajay Phutane, AP communications

Mumbai : BARAD a barren land of fertile dreams Alkud (M) is a typical small village in a Maharashtra with an agrarian economy and a simple life, like any other village. The urban way of living fascinates, but the economy doesn’t allow.

The story starts with a survey conducted by a government agency at Bardi, the barren land adjacent to the village. Anna, a village veteran, is called for, as a witness to the survey. Anna enquires about the survey. The information by the officer contains some crucial words in English. Anna and Appa try to conclude a meaning…….. guessing remains their only access to what this survey is all about.

Anna is a respectable personality of Alkud (M) . He was active politician few years back. Unable to cope up with the new way of politics, isolates himself from active politics ..…. but always kept himself socially active. His efforts showed when Alkud was recognized by the Government as a non-quarrelsome village. (Tantamukta Gaav).

Anna’s guessings about the survey transforms to fear, the fear of acquisition of land, which compels him to fence his piece of land. This simple act becomes a genesis of rumour… Guess transforms to gossip, gossip to rumour and rumour to a news…!! The news of a proposed industrial zone at Alkud spreads throughout the Manjari legislative constituency……!

Arunbhau, sarpanch of Alkud, who’s an active and a typical new line politician, learns about this and further propagates it to MLA Waghmare.. Now Waghmare tries to confirm the news immediately, as he plans to declare the same officially as early as possible; to show his efforts for new industrial zone.

This, he thinks, will fetch him great political mileage. But unfortunately, the news leaks to Walzade, Minister of Industry, who belongs to the same district. For his ambitious political dreams, Walzade wants to retain all legislative assembly seats, for his party and faction.

In the last election, his sole loss came at Manjari..!! So Waghmare was always there on the top of his hunt-list..!! He gets all the information about the survey and its significance but for his political game he keeps the reality under wraps.

This game of political one-upmanship at every step becomes fodder for rumour..!! Waghmare starts buying land in Alkud.. His target of 200 acres creates a wave of speculation..!! The non-fertile and barren Bardi turns into gold..!! This wave disturbs the harmony of the village.

By the time this political game ends, the village has lost its human relationship pattern and simplicity of being. A warlike scoundrel spreads all over, which hampers the community thread. This forms the core of the story… A story which has parallels in every society across the world... Alkud, solely coincidentally being the stage here.

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