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Bipasha Basu soon to be seen hosting a beach travel show on TV !

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Mumbai : Bengali beauty, Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, who also very well known with the tag of 'Horror Queen', is likely to host a travel show that showcases the most exotic beach destinations in the world. According to reports, a leading travel channel recently approached Bipasha Basu to host the show.

Given that the actress loves to travel and her social networking platforms are full of pictures from her various holidays, the channel thought the actress and fitness enthusiast made the ideal personality to host the show.

When contacted confirmed Bipasha Basu's spokesperson, "Yes, Bipasha is in talks with a leading travel channel for a show that covers the most exotic beach destinations.However, it is too soon to comment".

Notable, Bipasha Basu is currently in the news for her alleged affair with Alone co-star Karan Singh Grover and recently, few days ago, Karan's mother was reportedly resisting her son's choice.

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