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'Belly of the Tantra' : Pankaj Purohit brings novelty to indian cinema

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Mumbai : The maverick filmmaker, Pankaj Purohit who has enamoured millions across the world with his realistic cinema has not only won accolades and critical acclaim all across  India but even in countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Portugal and many more.

However, the dynamic Pankaj who is originally from the small Industrial Power city of Korba in Chhattisgarh  believes in unraveling the truth through the medium of his movies which are based on subjects close to his heart and are deeply rooted in India  as  it’s his love for India that propels him to make movies.

Pankaj Purohit’s  “Belly Of The Tantra” has had various special screenings across the World. The latest screening was at the Psychotronic Lounge in Marburg, Germany on Valentine Day, February 14th 2016.

This documentary 'Belly Of The Tantra' which explores the beliefs and rituals of the Aghori sect of worshipers has been in rough waters but Pankaj has managed to swim ashore due to his conviction as a filmmaker and touch everyone’s hearts.

Pankaj’s thirst for excellence had propelled him to pursue his study of Screenwriting and Cinematic Arts and thus he eventually completed his Direction course from the UCLA Film School in Los Angeles, US. He was a part of various Private boot camps and pursued his career with various independent Production Companies in US.

His mentor was Gregory Allen Howard, Writer of  "Remember the Titans" and "Ali". He had even assisted Adrienne Weiss for Direction and his creative talent was even channelized for Directing Plays and Workshops. Then Pankaj  eventually partnered with Jeremy Gram Weaver of Onward Entertainment to co-produce "Twilight 's Grace," and he continues to collaborate with Onward as a Creative Partner.

There’s a feature film in development with Onward, "The Rope in the Darkness," a dramatic thriller to be shot entirely in India.

He had recently filmed the documentary, "Belly of the Tantra," which had created waves for various reasons. Pankaj strives to share the exotic, unexplored and divulging stories that humanly affect us. He was even invited to address the Film Students at Columbia University in New York City.

The 'Belly of the Tantra' has even been showcased at TATA NCPA in Mumbai, Habitat Center and Alliance Francaise in Bangalore, London, Berlin, Portugal, Paris and recently in Marburg.

There‘s also another full length documentary film called Sudden Cry based on Child Trafficking and Prostitution which Pankaj is Producing. Apart from this Pankaj is even working on an Untitled film based on Homosexuals. He was also the Associate Producer of Sissel with Sassel and has Produced Kingdom Of Shadows. He has even worked along with the Theatre Director Anya Liffey.

As far as the Hindi Film Industry or Bollywood is concerned his love for Hindi cinema began  when he watched Ram Teri Ganga Maili at a theatre in Korba. Then his interest grew and he loved the Badshah and King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan’s inimitable style in his films.

Pankaj has made most of his movies in Hindi with English Subtitles for global appeal and before the end of this year we shall be hearing the announcement of a mega budget Hindi film to be directed by him which will also pave the way for a future Superstar in the making.

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