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Mobilink introduces a state-of-the-art ‘Guardian Watch’ for kids

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Islamabad : The leading GSM network in Pakistan Mobilink has introduced a state-of-the-art ‘Guardian Watch’ for kids. Designed to provide ease of mind to parents anxious about their kid’s whereabouts and safety, the wearable watch acts as a real-time GPS tracker and a phone with a one button SOS call to predefined numbers.

All devices under the Mobilink wearable range are controlled through an app which allows for GPS location tracking, text messaging to the wearer, and voice calls.

Apart from this, the app also allows multi-device setting; addition of more users and watches under a single app, and a server connectivity setting, which sets the upload interval for the watch to sync data on to Mobilink servers for safety reasons.

Moreover, the ‘Guardian Watch’ is operated through the click of a button.

The more advanced features have been moved into the accompanying smartphone app for parents, which is used to geo-locate one or several kids, make secret auto-answer calls to the watch, generate voice and text messages to the watch.

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