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Fears of Scam after the launch of 'Freedom 251' Smartphone

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New Delhi : After the launching of the world's cheapest Smartphone 'Freedom 251', there is looming a fear of scandal with the phone and its price. The phone has launched before two days and which is being sold at Rs 251 through online on the company's website www.freedom251.com. 

According the reports, Income tax Department's investigation team is reported to have visited the Ringing Bells office.

How to Buy Freedom 251 online through www.freedom251.com

As per a Hindustan Times tweet, a three members Income Tax Department team reached Ringing Bells office in Noida and team begins grilling staff of Ringing Bells selling R251 Smartphone.
Industry experts have expressed shock that how could a smartphone phone that costs around Rs 4000 is selling at a mere Rs 251, and smell a rat on the entire episode of the phone launch and on the business plan of Ringing Bells. 

As per the company officials, the smartphone company managed to pre-book 30,000 smartphones on the day one. As per these estimates, Ringing Bells could have gathered around Rs 87 lakh in the pre-booking amount on the first day.

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