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Car Rally for visually impaired to be held on Feb 14

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Chandigarh : A car rally for visually impaired people will be held in the city on February 14. The event will be organised by NGO Round Table India for raising funds for the Institute for the Blind, Sector 26.

This is the fourth edition of the rally in which visually impaired are made navigators. They are given route maps in Braille and have to guide the car driver who is unaware of the route and has to maintain a particular speed. The rally will be flagged off from the Institute for the Blind.

“There will be surprise check points on the way, where the speed of the driver will be checked according to the distance covered. The speed limit would be 30-40 km/h to ensure safety of the visually impaired person. 

If the driver is driving above or below the speed limit, penalty points will be given. The driver who gets the least number of penalty points will be declared the winner,” said Ishu Bansal, chairman of the NGO. 

Funds generated from the event will also be used to teach underprivileged people in Mandi Gobindgarh.

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