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Ban on mobile phones for unmarried women in a village of Gujarat

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Ahmedabad : A village in Mehsana district of Gujarat, has probably forgotten or doesn't believe in Digital India initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The village has banned using mobile phones for unmarried women by terming it unnecessary for them.

According the report, The local leaders of the Suraj village have banned mobile phones for unmarried women. The elders of an Indian village who fear that flirtatious texting and endless phone calls could lead to a breakdown of society.

Teenage girls and young women who are caught owning or even speaking on mobile phones in Suraj, Gujarat will face a fine of Rs 2,100. While the Informers who catch them in the act will be get Rs 200 as reward.

Devshi Vankar, the council head of Suraj village, said, “Why do girls need cell phone? Internet is a waste of time and money for a middle-class community like us. Girls should better utilize their time for study and other works.”

“The entire population of 2,500, comprising various castes, welcomed the decision,” he added. However, if a relative wants to talk to a girl, her parents can pass on their phones for conversation.

Significantly, it comes in the week that PM Modi has been touring farming communities with promises to expand his “Digital India” drive for greater internet connectivity to rural areas across the country.

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