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Legal notice to Salman Khan fir using name of khan market

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New Delhi : Failure in soliciting any response from Actor Salman Khan over withdrawal of name of Khan Market from his web portal, the​ Khan Market Traders Association, one of the prime commercial market of Delhi, has issued a legal notice to ​Salman Khan​ through its president Sanjeev Mehra​, to withdraw the said name within seven days ​and with a warning that ​else the Association will left with no other alternative but to resort to legal action.

Actor Salman Khan on his 50th birthday on 27th December,2015 had announced to launch his portal which was strongly resisted by Khan Market Trade Association and​ which​ made an appeal to him to withdraw the name of Khan Market from his portal.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), umbrella body of the trading community had sent a communication to Salman Khan on 3rd January, 2016 requesting him to withdraw the name to assuage the rights and feelings of the traders of Khan Market whose generation have given their lives for earning such goodwill for themselves as well as for the market.

" What to say of withdrawing the name, Salman Khan ​in past more than 10 days ​did not think it proper​ to​ even to respond to communication ​which​ reflects his autocratic and adamant attitude having least botheration for feelings of traders and their natural right for using the name of Khan Market​. It​ has highly disappointed the trading community"-said Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General of the CAIT.

Sanjiv Mehra​, President of Khan Market Traders Association​ informed that in its legal notice sent to Salman Khan, the Association has charged him for fraudulent intention in using the name of Khan Market​ ​with a tendency to cause confusion and deception among members of trade, and commerce customers and the public in general as it enables him and his affiliate to pass of goods under the same name​ which​ is bound to cause damage and loss to the to reputation​ of​ traders of Khan Market.

Further, it will also affect consumers of  the brand name of the national capital’s upscale market.

The notice further said that the name Khan Market is attached with traders of the market and the goodwill earned has taken long time​ of 65 years​ to build and it can not be taken away in such a lenient manner by whosoever including web portal of Khan.

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