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'Need to Change Mindset to Stop Child Marriage'

Suman Sharma Jaipur, Chairperson of State Women Commission Rajasthan, Stop Child Marriage, child marriage in our society, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Jaipur : The Chairperson of State Women Commission, Rajasthan, Suman Sharma, on Monday, said that, "We have to change our mindsets, if we are really serious to stop child marriage in our society. This is merely impossible for any government and administration to check this deep rooted social practice with legislation and police force.

She further added that, "This situation would be beyond the reach of an NGO or any agency also. Due to poverty and illiteracy, sometimes the parents produce more children for making them labour to earn more money. Hence, we have to involve all sections of society to eradicate this social challenge.

Suman Sharma, was present as Chief Guest in an inaugural session of State Level Consultation Workshop on Child Marriage in Jaipur today. This workshop conducted by Help Educate Children (HEC) and Awareness for Training, Motivation and Action (ATMA) supported by UNICEF India.

The retired Chairperson of Rajasthan Human Rights Commission NK Jain said that we have to improve our work culture and school education. He emphasised that in zero hour, school teachers should talk with children about serious issues. He advocated the moral responsibility of all citizens.

The Child Protection Officer in UNICEF Sanjay K. Nirala said that all parents should not have any discrimination in bringing up with their female child.

According to him, the Indian rural mindset believe that early marriage of their daughters will save them from the atrocities like rape, but this is not the solution which may be seen from the fact that more than 80 percent rape victims are married women.

He stressed for establishing an advisory body and constant monitoring. He underlined this change that now a days, even in remote areas the FIR are being filed against Child Labour and Child Marriage.

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