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Report says, 'most popular apps in India are Facebook and WhatsApp'

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New Delhi : The online social networking service and website, Facebook and Android mobile messaging app 'WhatsApp', which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The report says that both of the apps have reserved their positions as the ‘most popular apps’ in India this year.

As per the study conducted by WhichApp, which is a mobile app that helps users discover new applications that their friends use, says that, "Social networking giant Facebook and mobile messaging service WhatsApp have retained their positions as the most popular applications among Indians this year."

WhichApp Co-Founder and CEO Kapil Chawla said, “Our future plans are to localise for vernacular languages for the non-English speaking audience and rollout in other countries as the app is only available in India right now.”

The popularity has been decided on the basis of the number of WhichApp users having and actively using the apps on their mobile phones. Only those apps have been taken into account which have been used at least once a month.

Facebook was named the 5th best company to work for in 2014 by company-review site Glassdoor as part of its sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards. The website stated that 93% of Facebook employees would recommend the company to a friend.

WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users In January 2015 and In April 2015, WhatsApp reached 800 million active users. By September 2015, the user base had grown up to 900 million.

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