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18-year-old girl battling for her life, raped by over 10 men for 6 months

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New Delhi : An 18-year-old girl is reportedly battling for her life at Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital in Delhi, The girl has been admitted in the hospital with severe injuries all over the body and infections all over her legs. She is unable to sit, talk or walk after being raped by over 10 men for 6 months.

According to report published in Hindustan Times, the girl was trafficked from West Bengal a year ago, claimed she was sexually assaulted over 10 times in a day by different men over the last six months. According to doctors, the cause of her deteriorating health could be repeated sexual assault.

The girl said that, "I have been taken to Rishikesh, Haridwar, Manali, Mangalore and many other locations and kept at someone’s place where people used to come and rape me. This happened for over six months and traffickers used to beat me up on refusal."

A doctor at the hospital said to HT that, "The likely cause of infection is repeated sexual assault. She was brought here by a man who claimed to be her relative. But after her condition deteriorated, the person also disappeared."

Shakti Vahini, an NGO, had been trying to locate her since April, and were informed by Kolkata police on Monday about her whereabouts.  

Ravi Kant, president of Shakti Vahini, said, "The girl has been diagnosed with Septic Arthritis, and displayed visible lacerations in and around her mouth consistent with gag wounds." 

He further added, "She lies in a critical state, unable to make use of her lower limbs. The victim has reported about sexual abuse and multiple sexual assaults over the last six months. She has also reported about her being used in prostitution rackets." 

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