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Zee Talkies unveils a brand new look

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Mumbai : Marathi movie channel, Zee Talkies is launching a brand new visual identity that reinforces the positioning of Zee Talkies as a Film Entertainment Channel. The ideology behind the fresh look and feel is to urge audiences to live and experience Zee Talkies, rather than just watch - ‘Baghna Navhe…Jagna’.

A glossy new look aims at adding a flavor of liveliness to the visual identity. The channel sheds its ‘sedate’ color for a bright orange color that symbolizes vibrancy and festivity. Orange, in its many forms, stands for positivity, energy & richness while representing the essence of Maharashtra to create an affinity for the brand, Zee Talkies. 

The repackaging activity is a part of Zee Talkies’ strategy to provide a wholesome viewing experience to the audiences of Maharashtra. We believe that a striking visual identity will ensure a deep connect with the audiences.

Zee Talkies has kept its promise to provide complete entertainment at every step of the way through innovative activities, contests and creative campaigns. An initiative in this direction is the World Television Premiere of ‘Double Seat’, a blockbuster hit! 

Maharashtra’s most glamorous event, a one-of-its-kind award show ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kaun’ where the winners are chosen purely on audience votes, is also organized by Zee Talkies. In addition, the channel will be launching ‘Talkies Lighthouse’, a show that will present a collection of highly acclaimed short films, packaged in an entertaining format, to the audiences of Maharashtra.

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