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Turkish government blocked access to Reddit in the country

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New Delhi : Once again bringing harsh censorship in the nation, the Turkish government has blocked access to Reddit in the country. Turkey's Telecom Authority (TIB) officially confirmed the ban with a vague statement, dated November 13.

All the government had to says, "After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651, ADMINISTRATION MEASURE has been taken for this website (reddit.com) according to Decision Nr. 490.05.01.2015.-252804 dated 13/11/2015 of the Presidency of Telecommunication and Communication."

The ban has been imposed under the country's Internet Act, officially named Internet Law Number 5651, which allows TIB to ban online content or entire websites for various reasons, including pornography, drugs, terrorism, prostitution and even "crimes against Mustafa Kemal Atatürk", Turkey's first president.

This law was introduced in 2007, and has been the focus of heated debate a number of times since, as it gives the country's telecom department grounds to ban anything online, without needed the court's authorisation.

In Turkey, the government uses a controversial censorship law to shut down websites and services across the nation. Internet Law No. 5651 can be evoked without court authorization and has been used in the past to block access to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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