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Recycling of plastic waste- converting in to crude oil plant at Jaipur.

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Jaipur : Plastic has been causing the problems for civil societies and there are also certain health hazards. They choke the drainage system, animals are eating them and they die. At present, large quantity of plastic is used for recycling, e.g. rag pickers picking the plastic from wherever it is practicably possible and are selling it to the recyclers.

In Jaipur, this plastic is sold to the recyclers at the cost of Rs 10 per Kg. But this value is too less for the amount of labour put in for picking up the plastic by rag pickers. That is why still the plastic in difficult areas remains unpicked.

A step has been taken by Suresh Prabhu, MR in the Railways for taking up a plant for converting this plastic in to crude oil.

A pilot plant has already been set up by Indian Institute of Petroleum at Dehradun and it is operational. A bigger form of this plant is being replicated in Jaipur. It is understood that RITES already has floated tenders calling for expression from the parties who are interested in setting up this plant. 

Funds for this plant will be provided by Railway PSUs - since this is a social activity connected with life of human beings, the fund is also being sourced from corporate sectors of respective PSUs under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The CSR is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.

It is given to understand that Railway will provide land at nominal lease rent for setting up this plant. It is also understood that the plant have capacity of consuming 2 tonnes of plastic per day and convert about 70 to 80% of waste into usable crude oil or diesel oil and it will be operational by about 6 months time.

This will take care of about 30 to 40% of daily arising of plastic in Jaipur and can be replicated elsewhere as a solution to the littered plastic overall the country. 

The most important aspect of this project is that the rag pickers, who are selling the plastic to the recyclers at the cost of Rs 10 per Kg., will get benefitted and they can sell it at a higher cost i.e. at market value and hence recycling process will afford paying more value to the rag pickers.

B.L.Bairwa, National President of All India SC & ST Railway Employees Association stated that the plant for converting waste plastic in to crude oil is an innovative idea of Suresh Prabhu.

It will help the down trodden community poor people and will improve their economic condition and then social condition also.

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