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Art is not Olympics, one needs to have a judgement to select the best : Shekhar Kapur

Shekhar Kapur, IFFI 2015, 46th International Film Festival of India, Suha Arraf, Michael Radford
Panaji : Visionary filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who is the Chairman of the International Jury of 46th International Film Festival of India. said that, "Art is not Olympics; one needs to make judgements to select the best."

While addressing a Press Conference, Kapur underscored the creative conflicts involved in the adjudication of creative works. He said that there is a thin line between judgement and prejudice; taking an objective decision is a difficult task.

While talking about the process of selection and adjudication of films in IFFI, Kapur also said that the quality of some of the films in the competition category was amazing. It has been a tough task for the jury members to choose one film from a set of high quality films, he added.

While responding to a query on Children’s films, Kapur also said that it was time to think beyond ‘education through films;’ films that teach would not be appealing to children anymore. At the same time it is important for children to learn cinema and the processes associated with it. 

Suha Arraf, one of the jury members, said that she is very happy to see houseful theatres at IFFI and that it is heartening to note that good cinema is being appreciated well at the festival. She also shared her views on the process of evaluation of films; she said that it is important to understand the filmmaker’s point of view while judging a film. 

It is not easy to compare one film with another, as there are different genres and themes involved in the same category of competition. 

Michael Radford, another Jury member added that it is important to involve celebrities to enhance the popularity of the festival. JeonKyu-Hwan, Jury member from South Korea, also expressed satisfaction over the quality of films in the Competition segment this year at IFFI.

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