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New series of Sony hi-resolution headphones-earphones launched in India

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New Delhi : Indian subsidiary of Japan's Sony corporation, Sony India Private Limited has launched it’s new series of hi-resolution audio compatible headphones and earphones in India starting at a price of Rs 12,990. The series includes two in-ear models and one on-ear model.

The new MDR-EX750AP earphone is the cheapest among the four with a price tag of Rs 6,990 while the Sony MDR-EX750NA earphone is priced at Rs 9,990. The two new headphones, MDR-100AAP and MDR-XB950BT, are priced at Rs 12,990.

Note that the MDR-XB950BT was earlier available too but this time it has made its re-entry into the Indian market in red colour. Both the MDR-100AAP and MDR-EX750AP come in five vibrant colours - viridian blue, cinnabar red, charcoal black, lime yellow and bordeaux pink. The Sony MDR-EX750NA earphone is available only in black colour.

The MDR-100Ap headphones come with 40mm HD driver that can reproduce sounds of up to 60kHz. The device has titanium-coated diaphragms and a detachable cable. It is available in vridian blue, cinnabar red, charcol black, lime yellow and bordeaux pink.

MDR- XB950BT comes in vibrant red color and the ‘extra bas’ bluetooth NFC wireless headphones has a 40mm driver. The company claims that the device can play music for up to 20 hours. It also features a built-in microphone.

The headphone comes in foldable mechanism and has a detachable, cross-talk reducing cable in matching colour. Sony is also offering a pouch with this headphone.

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