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Muslim actress Arshi Khan fasts during Navratri for peace in the world

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Mumbai : According the report, Mumbai-based, Bhopal-bred Muslim model Arshi Khan has come up with a novel method of protest against the religious and communal intolerance in India.

As religious intolerance seems to have peaked in the country, Arshi decided to set a unique example of communal harmony. Not just that, she has taken it one step further to cross national borders.

“Art, Music, Peace and Friendship have no borders or boundaries,” says Arshi Khan, who has started a unique online campaign on Facebook and Twitter, requesting Muslim youth in India to observe a days’ token fast during Navratri for peace between the two major communities in the country.

Arshi Khan wants to spread the message of Peace & Friendship among Indians of different communities and also between neighbours India and Pakistan. She wants to try and convince the political and military establishments in both nations to change their hard line views.

Arshi Khan observed a fast on the first day of Navratri and has decided to fast for the rest of the days as well. At a photo shoot in Mumbai on Tuesday, Arshi Khan distributed fruits and ‘falahaar’ (food consumed during fast) to her Hindu friends, and along with them recited the Durga Chalisa and performed ‘aarti’.

Actress Arshi Khan is of Afghani-Pakistani origin and has several relatives and family members settled in Karachi and Islamabad. Though she currently resides in Bhopal and Mumbai, she has a huge fan following in Pakistan and regularly visits the country. “It is very sad that artistes, performers, singers and sports persons are not welcomed in each others’ country.

"It is sad that world-renowned performers and singers are ‘banned’ due to political and military issues," said Arshi Khan .

Arshi Khan had also started a protest on Twitter with a barrage of tweets against the Shiv Sena’s “dastardly and cowardly act” of smearing Sudheendra Kulkarni – chairman of the Observer Research Foundation’s face with black ink, also tweeted: “I am pro-Pakistan, which sainik wants to splash ink on my face”.

She has also publicly appealed to Shiv Sena president Udhav Thackeray not to resort to "gimmicks" to keep the party in the news.

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