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Miniature Painting Camp in Rajasthan University Visual Arts Dept

Dr M K Sharma Sumahendra, Kalavritt, Miniature Painting, Miniature Painting Camp, Rajasthan University Visual Arts Dept
File Photo : Dr. Sumahendra during creating the Shivaji's painting in his studio.
Jaipur : Kalavritt, a creative artist forum founded by Late Dr. M K Sharma “Sumahendra” (Ex principal, Rajasthan School of Arts) for the last four decades Kalavritt is committed to the development of contemporary Visual Arts in Rajasthan.

Kalavritt have already conducted several sculpture workshops, exhibitions, facilitation of artists etc during the last 3 decades. This Miniature camp with the association with Department of Visual Arts, University of Rajasthan is been organized in memory of the founder of Kalavritt Late Dr. M K Sharma. The camp is dedicated to Founder, Chairman of Kalavritt Group, Dr M. K. Sharma “SUMAHENDRA”.

Sundip Sumahendra, the present chairman of the Kalavritt wish to expand its activities by initiating workshops/camps in different area of visual arts and this Miniature camp is one of his new initiatives.

Since Department of Visual Arts, conducts professional courses BVA and MVA in 3 disciplines such as Painting, Sculpture and Applied Arts; Students, especially painting students shall be benefited from this camp. 

The camp shall be for 5 days starting from 5th October 2015 and the venue are studios of the Department of Visual Arts, University of Rajasthan.

Sundip Sumahendra said that the sole purpose of this camp is to make the students aware about the minute technicalities of the process of making a miniature painting, such as the ground preparation, colour preparation and the methods of application by personally experiencing the stages and practice different artist’s evolved in the course of time.

Further saying, "We also feel that, our traditional skills and techniques may be projected and explored into, to reinstate its values and potentials in the contemporary visual art scenario of India. In general, it is high time to make a dent in the youngster’s attitude of ignoring our own great traditions and merely following the West especially in the case of Visual Arts. The camp will also provide a space for students to interact with the artists of potential."

The following renowned artists will be participating in the camp:- Padamshree  S. Shakir Ali, Jaishankar Sharma, Kailash Sharma, Shiv Shankar, Khush Narayan jangid, Damodar Gurjjar, Vindra Bannu, Shammi Bannu, Sanjiv Sharma, Harshiv Sharma, Ramvtar Soni, Shambhu Singh Chobdar (Kota), K K Sharma Chotu ji, Girdharlal Khichi, D P Cabara (Kota) Shwet Goyal etc. More over more than 15 students shall also be participating in the camp.

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