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Miniature Painting Camp Concludes, Exhibition begins

Kalavritt Jaipur, Dr MK Sharma, Sundip Sharma Sumahendra, Miniature Painting Camp
Jaipur : famous art institution of Jaipur, Kalavritt was set up 40 years ago by Kalaguru late Dr MK Sharma ‘Sumhendra’, This camp is dedicated to Dr M. K. Sharma “SUMAHENDRA”, From Sundip Sumahendra Presant chairman of group.

Rajasthan is famous for its miniature painting and to develop this form of painting, Kalavritt and Visual Arts department jointly organized a camp at Fine Art Department of University of Rajasthan. The camp concluded today and the exhibition of paintings made by the artists has started.

Kalavritt president Sandeep Sumhendra said during this camp, renowned artist Padmashri S. Shakir Ali in his lecture shared his experience of learning traditional miniature painting in his family and His Guru Ramgopal Vijayvargiya and Vedpal Sharma “Bannu ji” Share knowledge to the students. 

Prof Shail Choyal from Udaipur delivered a lecture on ‘Time, Society and Miniature Painting Tradition’. He made the students understand about the development cycle of miniature painting with historical scenario and highlighted the beauty values and standards.

According to Choyal, it is quite sad that Indian painters follow the modern beauty values and creative dimensions of western art, whereas miniature painting tradition is quite prosperous in its elements and inspired by this, our artists can provide modern form to the art according to the traditional values.

This art would be on our earth and will be modern along with development, which will be very inspiring and knowledgeable, he added.

Similarly painter Jai Shankar Sharma delivered lecture on the technique of ‘Sone ki Hilkari which made from original gold and used in the painting’. He also told the method of making golden ink out of ‘sone ke warq’ and also demonstrated the same to the students. This technique is used for golden colour in miniature painting and information of this technique was quite exciting for the students.

Jaipur’s painter Sanjeev Sharma in this camp apprised students about the special paper ‘vasli’ for making miniature painting. Students made this special paper with their hands and took complete information from Sanjeev.

State’s senior artist Virendra Bannu informed the participants and art students about the natural and mineral colours used in the miniature painting and informed about various colours. He also told students about making ground on special paper.

All students by touching the natural colour tried to get maximum information. Bannu told the students about use of gaguli and showed paintings of his father late Vedpal Sharma ‘Bannu ji’.

It is believed gaguli at that time is used on the paintings of Lord Krishna  to show shine on his clothes and forehead and after using gaguli, the colours of painting never fades in long years.

Head of Visual Arts Department Rajat Pandel said this was 33rd camp of Kalavritt established in the memory of late Dr. Sumhenda, which concluded at University of Rajasthan. 

In this six-day camp, The following renowned artists will be participating in the camp:- Padamshree  S. Shakir Ali, Jaishankar Sharma, Kailash Sharma, Girdhar Lal Khichi, Shiv Shankar, Khush Narayan jangid, Damodar Gurjjar, D.P. Kabra, Virendra Bannu, Shammi Bannu, Sanjiv Sharma, Harshiv Sharma, Ramvtar Soni, Girdharlal Khichi, Mohan lal Soni, Shwet Goyal Vrinda Haldia, Mubashshera Bano, Mahak Bannu Sharma, Mohita Kumawat, Pankaj Telang, Omprakesh Verma, Shrikant, Vijay Naga, Narendra Soni etc. all painters made a painting using their own technique. and total 26 painters took part in this camp.

Senior artist Ranjeet Singh  J. Chudawala and Kalavritt group’s patron Suman Sharma felicitated all participants by giving certificates. The exhibition of paintings made by the artists are open till October 25 from 11am to 4pm.

Kalavritt secretary Hamir Singh Rathore gave vote of thanks to all artists and visual art department officers for the organizing this camp successfully and hoped that in future too, Kalavritt will get support from the artists and department of visual arts.

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