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Jealous man sent a dangerous gift to his wife's colleague to warn him

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Bengaluru : A man who feels jealousy with his wife's colleague, sent the dangerous gift to him in a parcel by courier, in which there was a live snakes in the parcel. If you thinks that, this is a scene of any Bollywood movie, then you are absolutly wrong. Because this is a real incident in Bengaluru.

a Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limited (Bescom) employee got the fright of his life when he opened a parcel that had been couriered to him, and found a live snake inside the parcel.

Moreover, he found a letter in the parcel, which was addressed to him. The letter was from the jealous husband of a woman colleague and warned him to stay away from her.

According to report published in Deccan Chronicle, "The 40-year-old second grad clerk, Keith D’Silva, who works at Bescom's vigilance department in Shivananda Circle in Bengaluru, naturally panicked, dropped the courier box and ran away. When he opened a package, delivered by a courier boy, and found a live snake hissing at him.

He returned only after the coiled serpent slithered out of the box, to see a lethal letter addressed to him. The anonymous writer had warned him to stay away from the woman staffer at his office.

Later, he filed a criminal intimidation case with the High Grounds police, who suspect that the deadly package was sent by a jealous husband of one of Keith’s women colleagues.

The police now face a problem in investigation in the case as they don’t have the material evidence, which is the snake. They are left with only the anonymous letter and the opened courier packet which may be of little or no help. But Keith has taken a few photographs of the curled up snake inside the box, on his mobile phone.

A complaint has been lodged by the Bescom employee and an investigation ordered into the case. said Police officials.

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