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Gujarat proposes Rs15,375 cr to ensure basic infra in 31 cities under AMRUT Plan

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Ahmedabad : To ensure the basic infrastructure in 31 cities under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) in the next five years, the Gujarat Government has proposed a Rs.15,375 cr comprehensive action plan.

of this, 42% is to be spent on providing water supply connections to all urban households in 31 AMRUT cities, 30% on providing sewerage connections to all households and 12% on ensuring drainage services to the extent of 50% and the rest on urban transport and provision of green spaces and parks.

Keeping in view low availability of sewerage network services in the Mission states, the state government intends to set up 19 STPs(Sewerage Treatment Plants) at a total cost of Rs.4,721.57 cr to create a total treatment capacity of 869 million litres per day.

For 2015-16, the Gujarat Government has proposed State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) for Rs.1,204 cr for taking up water supply related projects in 11 mission cities at a cost of Rs.233.65 cr, Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) in 19 cities at a cost of Rs.916.07 cr, storm water drainage projects in Bhuj and Vadodara at a cost of Rs.39 cr, urban transport projects in Gandhinagar at a cost of Rs.1.70 cr and works for providing green and open spaces in Amreli, Botad, Mehsana and Gandhinagar at a cost of Rs.14 cr.

In the AMRUT action plan sent to the Ministry of Urban Development, the state government projected that by the year 2030, Gujarat will emerge as the second most urbanized state in the country with urban population increasing from the present 43% of total population to 66%. Urbanisation in Tamil Nadu is forecast to be 67% in 2030.

Regarding financing during the five year Atal Mission period, the Gujarat Government has sought central assistance of Rs.2,478 cr with the State contributing Rs.1,941 cr and urban local bodies chipping in with Rs.700 cr as their share. Under convergence, investment of Rs.10,282 cr is to be met from ongoing schemes of the state government.

Gujarat Government has reported that in 11 cities identified for taking up water supply projects, 60% of households in Botad and Morbi have water connections, 63% in Mehsana, 70% in Nadiad, 72% in Vadodara, 90% in Deesa and Bharuch and 95% in Surat.

Sewerage connections are available at present only in Jamnagar to the extent of 25% of households, 70% in Rajkot, 80% in Nadiad, 95% in Ahmedabad and 96% in Surat.

AMRUT aims at universal coverage of water supply and sewerage network services followed by storm water drains, urban transport and provision of green and open spaces. The national norm for water supply in urban areas is 135 litres per capita per day.

Under AMRUT, central assistance is provided to the extent of 50% of projects costs for cities with a population of up to 10 lakhs each and one third of costs if the population is above 10 lakhs each.

Of the 31 AMRUT cities in Gujarat, 4 cities-Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot have population above 10 lakhs each.

Gujarat government has agreed to contribute 20% to 40% of project costs under Atal Mission during the Mission Period of 2015-20 while urban local bodies will chip in with their share in the range of 10% to 47% of project costs.

Central Government has provisioned Rs.50,000 cr towards central assistance under Atal Mission for five years. state governments and urban local bodies are required to contribute equal amount as their share with States making a minimum contribution of 20% of project costs.

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