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Congress terms Modi's 16 months rule at Centre as Minimum Governance Maximum Disturbance

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Shimla : Ridiculing 16 months rule of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government at the Centre, the Congress came out with scathing attack on the Prime Minister, terming it to be the government of 'Minimum Governance and Maximum Disturbance'.

In a statement by the digital team of the Indian National Congress, it alleged that in the run-up to the 2014-Lok Sabha elections, now Modi was busy marketing one of his many phrases, Minimum Government, Maximum Governance. One fourth of his term is now over, only Minimum Governance remains. The government does not seem to have its eye on the ball.

''Around 600 projects, involving more than Rs 11 lakh crore and related to various sectors like energy, power, coal, roads and highways, aviation and other infrastructure segments, are significantly delayed and many of them dont even have a date for completion,'' the statement said.

''Modi wanted a clear majority and the nation gave him one. One fourth period of the five year total term of the current Union government is now over and very little had been achieved. Worse, as time ticks by, young women and men, who voted for the BJP in the hope of getting jobs feel distressed. Their hopes started drying out.

''The Prime Minister has spent a good part of the 16+ months in office touring the world. The nation sees him addressing rallies not only in the poll bound states but also speaking at international platforms. The question everyone asking now is, when he would start work for which he was voted to power.

''In reply to a question by Anil Desai in the Rajya Sabha, on August 6, 2015, Gen VK Singh, MoS, Statistics and Programme Implementation said, 766 projects were on the monitor of his Ministry. Of these, 237 projects were reporting time overruns with respect to their original project implementation schedule.

Two months ago, the estimated cost of these 237 projects had gone up by 22 per cent, from Rs 482,575.22 crore to Rs 590,529.85 crore,'' he said.

''In the last two months, the government has been busy in one jamboree after another and there has been very little happening in the name of governance as the nations attention has been shifted from quality of governance to what one is allowed to eat and whether our writers should have the right to free speech.

''The Modi government might claim that this is an inheritance from the UPA government, but facts prove otherwise. The UPA had set up the Project Monitoring Group in January 2013 to monitor stalled projects and had cleared 155 projects valued at Rs 5.5 lakh crore. And that was when the economy was going through really challenging times.''

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