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CM Harish Rawat pleasantly stumped By Uttarakhand Youth

Uttrakhand CM, Harish Rawat, Uttarakhand Youth, R K Laxman styled cartoon
Dehradun : Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat who is known for his all effervescent smile and never to be phased demeanor, even in the toughest of times, was today pleasantly and noticeably moved by the Youth of Uttarakhand who presented him with a caricature and an R K Laxman styled cartoon of himself.

Led by Uttarakhand’s very own child prodigy and world renowned Animator Aman Rehan and the very loveable class 8th student Mariyam Alam a group of students presented the caricature and cartoon to the Chief Minister at his residence, bringing an extra large smile on his face.

So touched was Harish Rawat that he has instructed his team to not just frame both and put them up in his office but also to use both these exquisite pieces of art on his soon to be launched Facebook page.

Harish Rawat was further touched when Aman and Mariyam requested him to allow them to make a series of short animation films featuring him.

To this he was truly at a loss of words and brimming with emotion he stated that he would be absolutely delighted and even feature the same on his #CM4YOUTH Facebook page.

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