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A Muslim guy rescues cow from 60-ft-deep well

Mohammad Zaki, Rescues cow from well, Lucknow, cow Rescues Lucknow
Lucknow : Setting a rare example of communal harmony, a Muslim youth rescued a cow from a 60-ft-deep well here in Lucknow, drawing accolades from the administration especially in the backdrop of the Dadri lynching case.

Mohammad Zaki entered the deep well to pull out the bovine which had fallen into it accidentally in the Aishbagh police station area in the state capital yesterday. A crowd gathered around the well which is situated in the Muslim-dominated area and without waiting for assistance from the authorities extended a helping hand to Zaki in his noble mission.

The cow was dragged out safely by Zaki, in keeping with the Lakhnavi tradition of mutual tolerance. District Magistrate of Lucknow Raj Shekhar lauded him. "Hats off to the man... long live communal amity in Lucknow" he said on his social networking profile. The police also appreciated the man.

In a similar incident, four Muslim boys had rescued a calf from a sewer manhole under the Gomti Nagar police station on Friday.

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