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Rakhi Sawant assault again on Sunny Leone, Demands for ban in India

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Mumbai : The controversy drama queen Rakhi Sawant, who will be seen playing Julie in Aziz Zee's directorial 'Ek Kahani Julie Ki' which is based on true life events of Indrani Mukerjea. Rakhi has open her big mouth again and got angry at former porn star Sunny Leone.

This she said that Sunny should be banned in India as her work incites people eventually leading to untoward incidents such as rape.

The 36-year-old actress said that, "On one hand, she is doing advertisements issued in public interest and on the other she is doing sexy songs which are making people hot. Eventually, these people indulge in indecent acts with girls."

Rakhi Sawant further added that, “Sunny should be allowed to work in India only when she is fully covered.”

Earlier CPI leader Atul Anjan and leader of Sri Ram Sena, Pramod Muthalik, told that the reason behind rising cases of rape in the country is the repeated telecast of condom advertisement by actor Sunny Leone.

Notable, Three months ago Rakhi Sawath has made a controversy on AIB Roast and after then she asked to Sunny Leone for 'Get lost from my India'. She said that "Main Rakhi Sawant aayi hu ‘Leela’ ko Geela karne."

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