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PM Narendra Modi gets some 'Special Gifts' from PM of Ireland

Narendra Modi, PM narendra modi in Dublin Ireland, narendra modi with enda kenny, Enda Kenny
Photo courtesy : Enda Kenny on Twitter
New Delhi : The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who arrived today at Dublin City Center in Ireland, under his seven-day trip to Ireland and the US, gets some special gifts from Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny.

Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny presented a Cricket team jersey to PM Narendra Modi with tha name of 'Modi', a hurly (stick) and a ball (sliotar), equipments used in the Hurling Game.

PM Narendra Modi had said in a Facebook post in reference to the visit, "We hope to further develop strong people-to-people and economic ties with Ireland in the years to come."

Notable, this is the first chance in last 59 years, when Narendra Modi visited Ireland. Before it Jawaharlal Nehru was the last Indian prime minister to visited Ireland in 1956.

Relations between India and Ireland date back to independence and in 2013, the total trade in goods and services was pegged at  ­€2.48 billion. The key items of Irish export include computer hardware and software, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, food and machinery.

Ireland is home to around 26,000 persons of Indian origin, of which around 17,000 are Indian citizens. The bulk of the community is in the healthcare sector, working as doctors and nurses, with information technology and engineering among some of the other sectors.

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