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PM Modi says, Climate change a major concern

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New Delhi : Terming climate change as the “pressing global challenge”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said nature, forests, trees and the well being of all beings play a great role in the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Speaking at ‘Samvad, the global Hindu-Buddhist initiative on conflict avoidance and environment consciousness’ here, the prime minister said the poor people were most affected by climate change.

“The most adversely affected by climate change are the poor and the downtrodden,” he said, adding that all problems could be solved through dialogue.

The prime minister also expressed happiness that the conference on the subject was being held in India. “We in India are proud of the fact that it was from this land that Gautama Buddha gave the world the tenets of Buddhism,” he said.

The life of Buddha illustrates the power of service. compassion and renunciation, he added. “He (Buddha) was convinced that material wealth is not the sole goal. Human conflicts repulsed him,” Modi said.

He said Vedic literature helped him understand the relationship between humans and nature. “Personally, it is my reading of Vedic literature that educated me about the strong bond between humans and Mother Nature,” the prime minister added.

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