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Our sole aim has been development : Narendra Modi

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Faridabad : The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said development was the sole aim of his government. At a rally here in Haryana on the inauguration of a new Delhi Metro line, Modi said: “Since the time people have elected us, our sole aim has been development.”

He said as long as railways, roads are not constructed, the fruits of development cannot reach people. Modi said the way ahead for the country lies in the way the central and state governments work together, adding that infrastructure is essential for progress.

“Every Indian should have his or her home. This work maybe tough, but we have to complete it,” he said. The new Delhi Metro line will connect Delhi and Faridabad.

PM Modi begins his speech with ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. Haryana is like a second home. After leaving Gujarat a few years ago I stayed in Haryana for a very long time.

Rashtraneeti (National Policy) & not Rajneeti (Politics) drives the nation. Samvad (dialogue) & not Vivad (conflict) is essential. Development is the solution to all problems.

Since the time you have elected us, our sole aim has been development. If some work is incomplete it is the duty of this Government to complete it. Solution does not lie only in criticising.

The way ahead lies in taking everyone together, Centre and states are working together. Infrastructure is essential for progress. Why should any Indian be homeless. Every person must have his or her home. This work may be tough but we have to complete it.

In order to achieve this, Venkaiah Naidu ji is working for housing for urban poor & Birender Singh ji is working on rural development & homes for rural poor.

Now Haryana can proudly say that we have metro connectivity in Faridabad. Metro will go further than Faridabad. Work has begun on the extension to Ballabhgarh. Faridabad has been shortlisted as one of the possible smart cities. You all must see to it that it makes the final cut.

Before becoming the PM, my first programme after being announced the PM candidate was in Haryana with ex-servicemen. During that programme I had spoken about OROP. This issue went on for years, for 4 decades. Nothing bigger than respect for the veterans and those who gave their life for the nation.

We made a promise and we are fulfilling it. For the previous government OROP was just about Rs. 500 crore. Our government went deeper into the issue and got to know that OROP is not about Rs. 500 crore. Our government has allocated Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 crore for OROP.

We began work on OROP from Day 1 & took a decision. The Commission is not like a Pay Commission. It is about a system where if there is a shortcoming, it can be looked into and sorted.

The Government has taken a big decision and this is inspired by a feeling of patriotism and respect towards veterans. Many people are trying to do politics. Those who didn’t do anything for 40 years have no right to speak, especially speak on behalf of the soldiers.


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