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Major Dhruv Yadav killed in a tragic incident in Pokhran

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Jaisalmer : A 32-year-old army officer Major Dhruv Yadav, who was a resident of Haryana, was killed accidentally during a training exercise in Pokhran range in Rajasthan last night.

He was struck by a spinter during a fire demonstration involving Arjun tanks of the Army's 75 Armoured Regiment.    

Major Yadav may have either been struck by a splinter from a misfired round fired by a tank behind the one that he was travelling on or by a splinter from an artillery shell.  

A post-mortem is being conducted to ascertain the cause of death and the Army has launched a full inquiry.  

Sources said that the young Major was told by fellow soldiers that he was bleeding from the neck. Major Yadav finally succumbed to his injuries.  

Formerly an Instructor at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, Major Yadav is survived by his wife who is eight months pregnant.

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