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Khajjiar : A Place for Awesome Thrills

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Considering my constant need to keep on travelling and exploring new and less travelled roads, the trip I took this summer was to Khajjiar. Originally, I had simple plans to visit simla but on my journey in a taxi from Chandigarh to Shimla, my driver suggested me of this place and I am so glad I took this decision of visiting this Switzerland of India.

Located on a small plateau, Khajjiar is at a ride of 24 kilometres from Dalhousie, which is also a popular hill station in himachal Pradesh. If you would have ever visited Switzerland you could easy figure out the due to the topography of this place, it resembles with Switzerland to a much extent.

Accommodation in Khajjiar

Since the place is still less explored you may find some problem finding some great resorts or hotels in Khajjiar. Nevertheless, with all the cottages and guesthouses of Himachal Pradesh tourism department and some private ones as well, this will not be a big issue to deal with. You can make bookings in prior and then get a chance to settle down in a comfortable manner after the long journey.

Places to visit

Since this place is a small hill station, you may wonder if there is something interesting to see here. I would like to tell you that although this place does not have much to offer, if you are on a holiday simply to live close to the nature and relax a bit, it would be a good option for you.  The first place I thought of visiting was the Khajjiar Lake. To my surprise, I saw many tourists here and the number of foreigners here looked interesting. Since there are many strange facts prevalent about the lake, you should surely visit it if you are here. Many stories say that this lake keeps on changing its place. It may sound strange but surely is something interesting to research on. If you want, you can opt for boating in the lake as well and click some fantastic pictures with the greenery that surrounds the lake. A temple here in Khajjiar is believed to be in existence since the 12th century. I visited the place and saw a few idols of the snakes, which are worshipped here.

Adventures at Khajjiar

If you are wondering if the place has anything adventurous to offer, I must tell you about my horse riding and Para gliding experiences. You can enjoy horse riding on the plateau and on the areas around the lake. I added up some adventure to my trip by doing Para gliding and I must say that it felt great. You would not wish for anything else if you get to do something as interesting as Para-gliding on a holiday that was meant to be relaxing and calm one.

With all the experience, that I got from this place and all those small food stalls that serve delicious snacks, this short and sweet journey with BookCab car rentals will always be cherished in my travel diaries.

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