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Home Minister Rajnath Singh to unveil a comic on CRPF tomorrow

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New Delhi : The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh will unveil a first-time comic book brought out by the CRPF on tomorrow, which is on the brave exploits of its men during the 1965 war with Pakistan at Sardar Post in Gujarat.

The comic book initially will be circulated in CRPF and allied organisations even as the force is looking to put it for sale at minimum price on retail outlets.

The comic book is first in the series of 'Shaurya Gaathas' (valour stories) that the country's largest paramilitary force will publish to honour the courage and bravery of its troops in various combat theatres including the Left Wing Extremism operations.

The latest 40-page book has been illustrated by attractive drawings of the battle of Sardar Post for which the force provided the historic content.

A senior official said that, "The Home Minister will unveil the comic book at his office in North Block tomorrow. The publication is part of CRPF's initiative to remember its martyrs and brave hearts and introduce their extra ordinary feats to the people of the country and audience at large."

The fight-back by the force at this post in Gujarat's Rann of Kutchh, which was posted for border guarding duties that time, is mentioned as one of the glorious chapters in military history of the nation when only two companies (about 150 personnel) of the force stood their ground and repulsed the Pakistani attack.

The force was tasked to secure the post seeing the aggressive posturing of the other side and the location was at a flat area which was tactically disadvantageous.

On the intervening night of 8-9 April (1965), 3,500 men of 51st Infantry Brigade of Pakistan and comprising 18 Punjab battalion, 8 Frontier Rifles and 6 Baluch battalion stealthily launched simultaneous assault on the Sardar and Tak Posts under an operation codenamed "Desert Hawk".

The fight lasted 12 hours during which the enemy made three attempts to overrun the post but was repulsed with heavy casualties by some dare-devil action by the men.

The retaliation by the CRPF men saw the numerically and armament superior Pakistan retreating the areas and leaving behind 34 bodies of their soldiers including two officers.

Four Pakistani soldiers were taken as hostages while six CRPF men made the supreme sacrifice and the post was saved. The about 3-lakh personnel strong force remembers its martyrs by observing 'Valour day' on April 9 every year.

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