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Arun Dhumal fires fresh salvo against Chief Minister

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Una : Former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal’s younger son Arun Dhumal today fired a fresh salvo against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and his family regarding financial matters, bringing up their association with Vakamulla Chandrashekhar, from whom the CM had admitted to have secured a loan to repair his ancestral house.

Arun Dhumal said Vakamulla was the signatory to the bank account of Maple Resort Destination Build owned by Vikramaditya Singh. The resort in Delhi was reportedly purchased by Vikramaditya Singh when Virbhadra Singh was the Union Minister for Steel.

Displaying copies of bank documents and Vakamulla’s another Delhi-based company Tarini International, he said through a tender process, Maple resort was given the job of renovating Tarini International office at D-2, Amar Colony, in Delhi at a cost of Rs 1.6 crore. 

He said the renovation work was already done about six months ago by another contractor, but the payment was made to Vikramaditya Singh’s Maple Resort.

Referring to the Holy Lodge rent lease issue, Arun Dhumal said the company, which on paper, was paying the rent for a portion of the building, already had its office in New Shimla and that it had nothing to do with the lodge. Displaying copies of the rent agreement, he said even the lawn and a ‘garage on the first floor’ too had been leased out on records to justify Rs 12 lakh lease amount.

Claiming that the company in question was given environment clearance by the state government, he questioned whether the lease amount was a kickback for the clearance certificate. When contacted over telephone, Vikramaditya Singh termed the allegations as baseless. He said he was the owner and director of a private company and not a public servant or a public representative. Therefore, he was not bound to reply to any wild allegations.

Vikramaditya said the Dhumals were upset over the HPCA charges levelled by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh during his two-day Una visit. He said Arun Dhumal was free to provide all inputs to law enforcement agencies.

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