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Yoga : A journey from "Aham to Vayam, Sva to Samasti"

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New Delhi : The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday described Yoga as a journey from "Aham to Vayam, Sva to Samasti." (I to we, Self to Universe). He said that if we perceive our human body to be a unique creation, then Yoga is similar to a "user manual" that made one aware of the immense capabilities of that creation.

In his remarks at the International Conference on Yoga for holistic health, on the occasion of the first International Day of Yoga, the Prime Minister described Yoga as a "state of mind," (avasthaa), as opposed to being a commodity or a system (vyavasthaa). He said that the solidarity being expressed through Yoga, in the coming together with brothers and sisters in other countries, brings our hearts and minds closer.

This support is not just for India, but for the great tradition of Yoga, the Prime Minister noted. He described Yoga as a means to achieve harmony with oneself, one's body, surroundings and nature. He said that when practised correctly and with discipline, Yoga leads to greater fulfilment in life.

The Prime Minister said that as the world united in celebrating the International Day of Yoga, there would be a lot of expectations, regarding Yoga, and India stands ready to the shoulder the responsibility of these expectations, for the greater good of the world.

The Prime Minister described Yoga is a collective gift to humanity. He added that it may have originated in India, but it draws its energies from the millions who practice it around the world. He reiterated India's resolve to reach out and foster a culture of inclusiveness, of fraternity, of one global family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

The Prime Minister also released commemorative coins and a stamp, to mark the occasion of the first International Day of Yoga. 

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