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“Yoga Aross the Oceans” : International Yoga Day Observed Throughout Indian Navy

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New Delhi : The strength of the Indian Navy is its highly motivated, disciplined and well trained personnel who are ever-ready to serve the nation even in the most demanding situations. Naval personnel sail onboard ships and submarines at sea for extended durations in challenging conditions.

This inevitably leads to physical and mental stress, which gets compounded due to the prolonged separation from their families during operational deployments. The challenge gets accentuated as naval personnel onboard warships and submarines at sea do not have the luxury of open space and equipment to perform regular physical fitness activities.

The Indian Navy, therefore, pays special emphasis on the physical well being and mental alertness of its personnel.

The human system is a seamless blend of body, mind and spirit. It is a well documented fact that Yoga is a science of well being, youthfulness which integrates the mind, body and soul and a few minutes of Yoga on a daily basis helps increase the energy levels and uplifts the spirit.

Conduct of Yoga, in addition to improving the immunity of a person, also enhances mind-body coordination, thereby resulting in a higher degree of concentration, which is of utmost importance for men in uniform. Consequently, Yoga forms an integral part of daily physical training at sea.

Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) in the Indian Navy are imparted training in both the practice and teaching of Yoga and are appointed to every ship and submarine at sea. The PTIs oversee the daily conduct of physical training onboard ships, including Yoga, which has gained tremendously in popularity over the years.

Recognising the benefits of Yoga, the Indian Navy has declared ‘Yoga across the Oceans’ as its theme for the first International Yoga Day and various benefits of Yoga were amply demonstrated by the conduct of Yoga onboard all Indian Naval ships deployed from the South China Sea in the East to the Mediterranean Sea in the this morning.

Indian Navy has worked very proactively for the success of the International Yoga Day Celebration on 21 Jun 15and for imbibing the Yoga culture amongst its personnel. Multi-focal activities were organised for the benefit of all personnel and their families across all the naval stations and units including onboard ships and submarines.

In New Delhi, a week long Yoga camp was held from 14 -21 Jun 15 at INS India and residential area of naval families. Similar exercise was also carried out in all other naval stations spread across the country. In addition to the various Yoga camps, a Yoga workshop was conducted on 19th Jun 15 for the naval personnel along with their families and children.

The workshop witnessed participation by personnel from all age groups including the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral RK Dhowan. During his interaction with the media after the yoga workshop, the Naval Chief highlighted the importance of yoga for the well-being of naval personnel as the life at sea is very challenging and stressful.

He also said that the Indian Navy is actively involved in spreading the message about Yoga and its benefits throughout the globe.

A workshop on Healthy Living and Lifestyle Diseases was also inaugurated by Minu Dhowan at Nau Sena Bagh, Chanakyapuri which stressed upon the physical and mental benefits of yoga and its role in curtailing lifestyle diseases. 

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