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The son who saved his father's life on Fathers Day

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Ajmer : On Sunday the world has celebrating the fathers day, but a brave son in Ajmer of Rajasthan, proved that he realy loves his father as he saved his father's life with taking a risk of self life.

According to our reporter, early morning of Sunday some members of Pardi Gang with the motive of theft has entered in the house of J D Parwani who lives at Chandarwardai Nagar in Ajmer. Parwani who was sleeing has wake-up by some doubtful sound and they took shout.

His son Naresh who was sleeping his room has wake-up with this shout and come there. When he saw some men were beating his father, he run to savehis father and pushed off the thief. After this when the thieves started to beaten him his father shouted loudly again. Thieves feel terrified for arrive other people there and they ran from there.

After it some neighbors cames there and rushed Naresh and his father to the Jawahar Lal Neharu hospital.

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